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Hi! My name is Fabricio Andrade. I’m a 32-year-old independent comic artist and illustrator, born in Guarujá-SP, Brazil.


As a kid, I fell in love with comics and drawing when I saw Saint Seya on TV. As I got older, I put my passion aside to build a solid career as an industrial engineer and marketer.


But in 2017, I rediscovered my passion with the help of a colleague, Marxcie. He mentioned Inktober and asked me if I wanted to jump into this challenge too. I’ve been drawing ever since.

I decided to do it right this time, going back to the basics and taking all feedback from senior artists seriously. I concentrated hard on honing my ability to tell stories through my art and even found a way to mesh my career and my passion by drawing automation comics. Today, I dedicate my free time to develop comics that go beyond the automation world.

Around the middle of 2020, I took the online comic-book course at the Quanta Academy of Arts. I always dreamed of studying at this academy but couldn’t afford it. Then the online course opened this door to my dream. I also took many other online classes for illustration, sequential art, watercolors, narrative, etc.

Now I defend the ninth art, because I believe comics (graphic novels, whatever you want to call them) are as important to the arts as painting and cinema.

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